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A letter to my Constituents


A Letter to my constituents:

I never thought this day would ever come. A day that will forever be the in minds of every American and other people around the world. The "Shithole Countries" comment expressed by Donald Trump, supposedly the leader of our free world. When someone looks at America, they see it as "land of the free and home of the brave". People are seriously questioning whether that value still stands true...

I have lived long enough in America to know that not ALL Americans are bigots, prejudice, homophobic, racist and/or gender phobic. However, there are those among us who are uncivilized and intolerant. The United States of America has laws and policies that were put in place to prohibit discrimination of any kind. To have a man that holds the highest office in the land and world blatantly discriminate on the job is an action I will not be accept. Also, to watch as everyone around him not only turn a deaf ear, but actually go on news outlet to defend him, is despicable.. What does this say about of our country, about the GOP, and truly about ourselves?

My worry is not so much about Donald Trump but rather, what the GOP is becoming. The GOP is now a party that is similar to Germany of the 1930's. Whereby, Hitler rose to political fame by using rhetoric and prejudices against the Jewish population such as Trump is using against the African population of today. Just like Trump, Hitler was cheered on by his political party while the rest of the German population stayed quiet. The world was silent, pretended he was joking, tried to explain it away, and turned a deaf ear to what was going on. In the end 6 millions people were sent to their grave in the most horrific and inhumane way that any human being could endure.

I hope and pray that our generation will not just stand on the sideline and watch as Trump's America repeats history. We would actually speak up and speak out against prejudice, bigotry, homophobia, racist acts, and gender phobic people. The only difference this time around is the horrific action being carried out is by America and not Germany.

As Americans we are taught to believe we stand for life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness for all. When Trump became president that is when I realized that not everyone stands for that belief. It is up to us to bring that ideal back to life and to fight for what is right. On June 26, we all can make a difference by going to the polls and vote for a change.


By Authority: Citizens for Sia Finoh
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